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Privacy Notice

The goals of treatment services through the registration of the objective data are collected: to provide the services, to provide information and / or send communications related services; comply with all accounting and tax compliance. Once the user has agreed to: provide information and / or services offered preferential check the quality of the services, and also offer a service. Send messages and the products and related programs at the same time, information provided by third party advertising; respond to market needs and statistics, marketing and product preferences.

Optional nature of the data collection
Personal data are divided into two categories: mandatory and optional, as the instructions of the registration process. Strength to obtain received data, and the processing above-mentioned object a strict function of the service. If you refuse to provide such data, or refuse consent to treatment which makes it impossible to use services. Other data used to help better service. Instead, the customer is free of charge or not provided. To ensure that your information is accurate and up to date, or related to, incomplete, please let us know.

Those interested can receive
For organizational and functional only, we ordered some of the leaders in the processing of personal internal users to close contact and provide services related, including selling product. The security staff is well trained and data protection, prohibition, communication or disclosure of personal information, especially is not required to play the main service. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties for legal reasons or not, without your explicit consent, the subject of the license, unless it is consistent with the conclusion of a contract: the people responsible for the implementation of activities, delivery and product purchase, payments and bank statements, including the police or the judicial authority of the service providers, accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns electronically right answer formal legal requirements under the management of these institutions to the appropriate authorities, for example. For For these people, we have your consent.

On personal data, according to the technique of treatment. Processing Code 7 of the personal data (access to personal data and other rights from right), you need to understand the shape of the output if you have no personal data, even if the rights have not yet been recorded, and communication. You need to get right: the origin of personal data; the purposes and methods of treatment; can be transferred or owner is responsible for the management of the category in the electronic tools to objects in the management or the person requests and cases where the data to identify the logic to understand their designated areas in the country, managers or agents.

You need to be updated, corrected, integrated data will delete converted in the form of unlawful processing of anonymous data or avoid, including data retention is needed, two points for taking the next collection control data or the transformation of man authentication also be passed on that data transfer or distribute, unless this requirement is possible to use the resources and the protection of rights in a proportionate means. You have the right to object, in whole or in part, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data, which are relevant for the purpose of processing your purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or market research, communication, personal or business.