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  • Family Drama
  • 52
  • 60
  • Hindi

‘Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma’ is a series which captures the journey of Zeenat, a mother, deserted by her husband during one of the darkest phases of Indian history – the Partition – and her rise to a position of power by creating an identity for herself solely on the steam of her resilient spirit. At a time when they were preyed upon mercilessly on the grounds of the faith they belonged to, and had no freedom or even a sense of basic security, Zeenat had two options. She could either brace herself and endure the pain or ignite and revolt! She chose the latter option and emerged as a power to reckon with for decades to follow. In standing up to the adversities in her path and attaining a stature in a world dominated by intimidating men, Zeenat is a role model for today’s women. The show will thus encompass the journey of how an emotional, vulnerable mother, turned into a Godmother!

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