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Badii Devrani

  • Family Drama
  • 165
  • 30
  • Hindi

Badii Devrani, set against the backdrop of Kolkata, is the story of an unusual arranged marriage between an older woman (Reeti) and a younger boy (Vibhor). The story explores the relationship between the Reeti and Vibhor belonging to families who are bitter enemies due to a dark incident in their past getting married due to a twist of fate. Vibhor is the youngest son of the Poddars’ and as a part of a business alliance between the two families, compromises and marries Reeti who is 5 years older to him. Reeti is well educated with a progressive mindset and modern outlook towards life. Will Reeti be able to strike a balance and secure a place for herself in the Poddar family and in Vibhor’s heart given the acrimonious circumstances under which they get married? The story that is set in a traditional Marwari family brings out the true essence of relationships and togetherness.

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