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Chandan Ka Palna Resham Ki Dori

  • Family Drama
  • 98
  • 30
  • Hindi

The story revolves around the Bhimani family, where the head of household, Mr. Bhimani pressures his son to produce a ‘male heir’ for their business empire. But he is unaware of the situation that his son and daughter-in-law are unable to have a child due to medical issues. However, to fulfill the desire of their father, the hapless couple gets into an arrangement with another woman to be a surrogate mother for their male child. But just when everything seems to be going smoothly between the husband, the wife and the would-be mother of the child, complications arrive and a drama starts enfolding that threatens to blow in the face of the once happy family. Now the questions remain that will the ‘other’ woman give away the male heir and quietly walk out of the Bhimani family?

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